Create Anywhere, Publish Everywhere.

We are currently rolling out CAPE on several sites and services. We look forward to showing you more soon.

A variety of our code and projects can be found on GitHub.

CAPE is software, service, and philosophy. The way the contemporary web works increasingly focuses on linking together disparate and specialized services; not providing a single website with all solutions hardwired directly into the site proper. CAPE accepts and embraces this new ideology. CAPE uses standard formatting, hardware, software, services, and server technologies. However, the way in which these things are combined is often quite novel.

CAPE is a service for connecting your services. CAPE desires to provide an interface to control content — photos from Flickr, Instagram, Amazon S3, or Behance; documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, or Github; items from an inventory management system; Facebook Posts, Wordpress posts, content from your existing website — anything accessible via API, anything in an RSS feed, and anything otherwise publishable to the web (or cloud) in a common data format (XML, JSON, TXT, etc.). The goal: make your content work for you in more places.

CAPE wants to rethink content creation and management. It is best to approach content creation in as pure a way as possible (meaning semantic, structural, meta-data rich content — not styled content). This makes it easy then for CAPE to always map content from one place to another and easily template it for whatever use required.